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OroCommerce 4.2 LTS Is Out!

December 17, 2020 | Oro Team

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We’re excited to start the new year with a continued customer focus and an unwavering commitment to improving business outcomes for our customers, partners, developers, and end-users.

Here is an early look at the new and improved OroCommerce and what it means for you.

What to Expect from OroCommerce 4.2 LTS

This year’s OroCommerce LTS feature release focuses on helping our customers offer better B2B eCommerce experiences for their users. Our new features are making it possible, including navigation upgrades, an improved interface for easier shopping and ordering, new storefront features, and performance improvements.

Here are the changes you can expect:


We’ve made the all-new OroCommerce more accessible and usable for every one of your customers. We have made changes to our B2B eCommerce interface to make elements more readable and intuitive, designed for those visitors who may find it challenging to consume visual and audio information and require screen readers, additional captions and descriptions.


Do you work with bulk eCommerce orders? We understand the importance of having a simple, convenient and intuitive interface for compiling, reviewing and placing bulk orders. For an improved buyer experience, we have completely revamped the shopping list interface to make ordering and checking out more easy and simple.


As B2B eCommerce heavily relies on product catalogues, purchase volumes and order sizes, the performance of your site is extremely important. Loading and processing speeds must be quick in order to be quick and responsive for your end-users. This is why we have spent a considerable amount of time boosting the performance of both the storefront and the back-office functions.


More and more businesses are now relying on eCommerce sales more than ever before. In order to simplify the buying process for shoppers, we have focused on offering new filtering options, improved customer impersonation, preview functions and other storefront improvements.

New and Improved Features

Looking to find out which other new and improved features we’re introducing? Here’s what else you should expect to see:

User Experience

Accessible storefront navigation. We want to help OroCommerce users to grow their business by expanding their target audience, increasing usability, improving SEO and making the customer experience a whole lot better. This is why we have introduced some big changes to commands, controls and navigation to make your storefront accessible to those with disabilities. Some other accessibility changes include accommodations for voice navigation and more prominent commands. 

New filter panel. A more intuitive platform for customers to easily find what they’re looking for thanks to a new filter interface. When enabled, you’re able to configure the look and feel of individual filters, including an option to select multiple items.

Content editing and previewing. Do you have multiple websites under a single OroCommerce instance? Well, you’ll now be able to preview changes for a specific store with our new preview function, meaning that you can preview all types of site content, from product pages to landing pages.

Large Orders

Shopping list interface. We’re aiming to make it as simple as possible to work with large quantities of line items, for both the back-end and storefront. You’ll be able to filter out products, add descriptions to products, and add, delete and move items in bulk. If there are other employees you work with, you’ll also be able to apply permissions so they’ll be able to edit or view these shopping lists.

Checkout improvements. Regardless of how many items are in the checkout, there will be an order summary section and optimised checkout to make checking out quick and simple. 

Back-office improvements. Better management of shopping lists and the ability to quickly add or remove line items when preparing quotes. Quickly administer and manage orders on behalf of customers.

Performance improvements. Increased performance, regardless of your product catalogue or order volumes. Browser loading and processing speeds are greatly improved when working with orders of any size. 


API improvements. The API sandbox has considerably more resources, making it easy for developers to test applications. We’ve also rolled out many smaller improvements too numerous to list thanks to our developers, partners, and customers’ input.

Save The Date!

We’re looking forward to starting off the new year with our powerful customer-focused and performance-enhanced improvements. Our leaders, team members, community partners and developers have played an invaluable role in keeping OroCommerce at the forefront of B2B needs.

We expect 4.2 LTS to go live by the end of January 2021. As always, we recommend upgrading Oro applications as soon as the most recent LTS is live.

For more information, refer to our release process for more details about the release and support cycles.

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