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Manage a Coupons List

View Coupons

To view all coupons, navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Coupons in the main menu.

The following page opens:


The page contains the list of all available coupons in your Oro application. From here, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Create a new coupon: Click Coupons Actions > Create Promotion on the top right.

  2. Generate coupons: Click Coupons Actions > Generate Multiple Coupons on the top right.

  3. Export coupons: Click Export on the top right.

  4. Import coupons: Click Import on the top right.

  5. View coupon details: Click on the item from the list to open its details page.


    Alternatively: Click the icon to the right of the item to open its details page.

Filter a Coupons List

You can use filters on the coupons list page to find the required records quicker:

  1. Filters are hidden by default. To show filters, click above the table on the far right.

  2. To apply a filter, click on its button in the bar, and specify your query in the control that appears.


    Filter controls might look different depending on the type of data you are going to filter, e.g. textual, numeric, a date or an option set.

Organize a Coupons List

  1. To define which columns to show in the table, click above the table on the far right:

    • To choose the columns to be displayed in the table, select the check box next to the required column under Show. Clear the check box to make the column disappear from the table.
    • To change the order of the columns, click next to the name of the column you wish to move, hold the mouse button and drag the column to the required position.
  2. To refresh the coupon list, click .

  3. To reset the coupon list, click to clear list customization and return to default settings. Reset applies to all filters, records per page and sorting changes that you have made.

Manage Coupons

By clicking the More Options menu at the end of the corresponding coupon row, you can find the following options:

  1. View coupon details: Click to the right of the item to view its details.
  2. Edit coupon details: Click the to the right of the item to start editing its details.
  3. Delete a coupon: Click to remove a promotion from the system.

To edit or delete several coupons at the same time:

  1. Select the check boxes on the left of the corresponding rows. The selected coupons will be highlighted in yellow.

  2. Click on the far right of table header.

  3. Click Edit to edit, or Delete to delete the selected coupons.

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