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Apruve Payment Service

Apruve is a B2B credit management service that provides a credit line for your buyers. Apruve manages business account for OroCommerce sellers starting from credit approval and financing and facilitates credit-related interactions with buyer via their account set up, invoicing, and payment.

Integration of OroCommerce with Apruve enables you to secure your company from financial risks related to delayed payments. Apruve allows you to get the payment within 24 hours of any invoice being generated. You offer terms to your customer but still get the payment for your sales within 1 day.


The Apruve integration is only available in the Enterprise edition.

To set up Apruve payment service in OroCommerce:

  1. Configure Apruve Payment Method Integration
  2. Create a payment rule and add your integration to it to display this method to the customers at the checkout.

Prerequisites for Apruve Integration

Before starting to use Apruve service with the OroCommerce application, have a look at the prerequisites for the integration to learn how to configure it and retrieve corresponding credentials:

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