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Create a Case

To create a new case:

  1. Navigate to Activities > Cases in the main menu.

  2. Click Create Case on the top right of the page.

  3. Provide the following information:

    Name Description
    Subject Provide a meaningful title for the case.
    Description Provide the description for the issue (optional).
    Resolution Provide problem resolution details (optional).

    Limits the list of users that can manage the case (view, edit) to users, whose roles allow managing cases assigned to the owner (e.g. the owner, owner’s managers, colleagues, etc.).

    By default is set to the user filing the case.

    To clear the field, click x.

    You can choose a different owner from the list.

    Assigned To Assign a user responsible for resolving the issue (optional).

    Provide the source of the issue. The possible options are:

    • Email
    • Other (default option)
    • Phone
    • Web

    Defines the current status of the case processing. The possible options are:

    • Open
    • In Progress
    • Resolved
    • Closed

    The field is by default filled with the Open option.


    Define priority of the task. The possible options are:

    • Low
    • Normal
    • High

    The field is by default set to the Normal option.

    Related Contact Define a contact record related to the case (optional).
    Related Account Define an account record related to the case (optional).
  4. Click Save on the top right.

Browse maintained versions:3.11.6
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