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Notify a Customer


You can send notification to the customer in this way only when the Quote Management Flow / Backoffice Quote Flow with Approvals are inactive.

To notify a customer that their quote is prepared:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Sales > Quotes.

  2. Choose the quote in the list and click it. The quote details page opens.

  3. Click next to Notify Customer on the top right of the page, and then click Notify By Email.

  4. In the Notify By Email dialog that appears, review the email draft. If required, add additional recipients to the To, CC, or BCC fields, or make other changes. The email body may be adjusted to be more personalized.

  5. Click Send.


By default, the quote_email_link email template is used for this type of notifications. You can select another one or, if you have corresponding permissions, you can adjust the email template. If you do not have permissions to modify templates, ask your administrator for help.

The quote internal status becomes Sent to Customer.

Browse maintained versions:3.11.6

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