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Managing Address Book

For customer and customer users, Address Book allows to enter and view account address details.

Creating an Address

To add an address to the Address Book:

  1. Click +Add Address in the right corner of the Account page.

    A popup form will appear with the following fields to fill in:

    Field Description

    Defines the type of the address to be entered:

    • Billing
    • Shipping
    • Default Billing
    • Default Shipping

    Note: More than one type can be selected for one address.

    Primary Checking the Primary box marks the address primary. Note that only one primary address is possible. Marking a different address primary will by default delete the this mark from the address that has previously been marked Primary.
    Label Identify the address by adding a label. This can help distinguish addresses, if there is more than one address in the address book for one account.
    Name prefix If applicable, add a prefix to the name, e.g. Dr., Mrs., etc.
    First name Enter the first name of the account representative.
    Middle name Enter the middle name of the account representative.
    Last name Enter the last name of the account representative.
    Name suffix If applicable, add a suffix name, e.g. IV, Jr., etc.
    Organization Specify the organization represented by the account.

    This field is mandatory. Select the country from the list. Selecting a country prompts the following fields to appear:

    • Street*
    • Street 2
    • City*
    • State
    • Zip/postal code*
    • Phone

    Street, City and Zip are mandatory fields.

  2. Once you have filled in all the fields, click Save.

    The address and the map showing the address location will be displayed on the right of the address.

Viewing an Address on the Map

It is possible to add more addresses to the same account. If you have more than one address on the Address Book page, clicking on one or the other will prompt a map to appear that corresponds to the selected address.

Marking Address as a Primary Address

To mark address as primary, click the on the right top of the address background, check the Primary box and click Save. The primary label will move to the updated address.


Delete is disabled for the primary address. To delete the address makred as primary, you need to move the primary label to a different address first.

Editing an Address

To edit an address, click the on the right top of the address background, update the address details and click Save.

Deleting an Address

Delete an address by clicking the next to it.

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