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Create an Order from an RFQ

To create an order based on a request for quote (RFQ):

  1. Navigate to Sales > Requests for Quote in the main menu.

  2. Open the selected RFQ from the grid.

  3. Click Create Order in the top right corner of the RFQ page.

    The Create Order form will open, prepopulated with the information from the RFQ:

  4. Amend or add new details to the order, if necessary, as described in the Create an Order from Scratch topic.


    When you modify the order content, order totals and shipping costs may change. Please, review the shipping method selection before saving the order to make sure that the shipping cost is acceptable.

  5. Click Save when you have finished.

The new order is now created.


By default, an order has internal status Open upon creation. If another status is required for new orders, an administrator must adjust the order creation configuration settings.

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