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To save details of actual people with whom you are getting in touch during the business activities, use the Contact records (“contacts”).

A contact may be assigned as a related entity to records of other entities, e.g. to users, accounts, and opportunities.


For a quick guidance, please see a short demo on accounts, contacts and customers.

Create a Contact Record


Checkout a short video on how to create and edit contact records, or keep reading the step-by-step guidance.

In order to create a Contact record:

  • Go to Customers>Contacts.
  • Click the Create Contact button.
  • Define the contact settings in the sections described below.


The “General” section defines the basic settings of the contact created. The following fields are mandatory and must be defined in the section.

Name Description
Owner Define users that can manage the contact, subject to the role settings.
First Name and Last Name Name used to refer to the contact in the UI.

The rest of the fields are optional. They can be used to define additional details of the contact, such as the name prefix and suffix, the middle name, free-text description, emails and phone numbers, birthday, etc.

  • With the optional field Assigned To you can specify a User record, to which the contact will be assigned.
  • With the optional field Reports To you can specify another Contact record, that corresponds to a person in charge of the contact added (e.g. manager of the department, CEO of the company etc.).
  • You can also add a picture (upload a picture to be used for the contact in the UI) and/or tags related to the contact.
  • With the Addresses form you can define Billing and Shipping addresses of the contact. Any amount of the addresses may be added.


Any custom fields added to the User entity can be defined in the Additional section.


The Groups section contains all the contact groups available in the system. Check the boxes to assign the contact to a group.

One contact may be assigned to several groups.


The Accounts section contains all the accounts available in the system. Check the boxes to assign the contact to an account.

One contact may be assigned to several accounts.

View and Manage a Contact Record

Inline editing can help you amend details of contacts without opening the edit contact form. For contacts, it is available from records’ grids and view pages.

If the Edit Inline icon appears next to a value, inline editing is available for it.

To edit contacts from the grid using inline editing, perform the same actions as for inline editing from the view page.

All contacts available in the system are displayed in the contacts grid (Customers>Contacts).

In addition, from the grid you can:

  • Delete a contact from the system: click the Delete icon.
  • Get to the edit page of the contact: click the Edit icon.
  • Get to the view page of the contact: click the View icon.
  • Perform bulk delete of several contacts.


You can export the contact details in the .csv format following the Exporting Bulk Items guide.


You can import the bulk details of updated or processed contact information in the .csv format following the steps described in the Importing Contacts guide.

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