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    Hi guys,
    While I was using Sandbox for querying account details, I am getting no contacts(child objects) related to the account despite related contacts are still there. I am using Community Portal and the request I am giving using the type:plain in api/doc. Help would be appreciated.
    Below is the response I am getting:

    “name”: “A. L. Price”,
    “createdAt”: “2016-08-31T08:26:51+00:00”,
    “updatedAt”: “2016-10-05T05:57:31+00:00”,
    “owner”: “gene.william_86ce0”,
    “contacts”: {},
    “defaultContact”: “Mr. Jerry Coleman”,
    “organization”: “CRMIT”,
    “referredBy”: null,
    “OpportunityDetails”: {}

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