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    1. How do I activate Sales Process Flow and get the buttons which enable to convert Lead into Opportunity?
    I watched the demo but I cannot set up the Sales Process Flow athought I activated all workflows:
    I do not get the buttons “Disqualify” and “Convert to Opportunity” for Leads.

    2. Is “B2B Customer” actually mandatory for every Opportunity or can we deactivate this field?
    On the video demo, on Opportunity page, “B2B Customer” is not mentioned is not a mandatory field.
    Whereas in my OroCrm, “B2B Customer” is mandatory for every Opportunity (so I have to create one for every opportunity, with same redundant info!!).

    3. How to make “Close As Won” and “Close As Lost” buttons appear in Opportunity pages?
    All workflows activated in my OroCrm but I do not get them.

    4. How to get “CRM – Sales Pipeline – $Opportunity” in Configuration?
    I do not have this in my Configuration menu so I cannot set up probabilities for opportunities…

    Thanks for your help!

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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Frederic,

    1. These buttons should be available for Leads at all times; they are simple actions and not a workflow. Apparently the problem is that you have activated the old Unqualified Sales Lead flow; turn it off and the buttons should appear.

    2. We are removing this restriction in the 2.0 release; you will be able to link Opportunities to any type of customers or even directly to Accounts. The release is almost here, it should be out next week.

    Also, why do you need to create new one for every opportunity? You can reuse the existing customers as well—just start typing the name and then choose it from the selector.

    3. Activate the Opportunity Management Flow in workflow management UI. Also make sure that the Sales Process flow for the Sales Process entity is turned off to avoid confusion.

    4. This functionality will be added in the 2.0 version.

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