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    I am trying to create a datagrid to show the associated tasks with case and show them in the additional information of the case view page.

    Here is the yml. When I do the following- I get error “(“Class oro_rel_f24c741bb3bd15b149273d does not exist”) “. The issue i have is that the tasks are associated with the case using activities and I need to do a join. However there is no static entity class that is associated with tasks from case. How do I get this and specify in the YML file?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Okay. I think this may be unclear. In simple terms what I want to do is render a grid but pass is my own json data.

    Basically it is a task grid with the JSON returned from the following path


    which results in the following query and return is JSON data

    A response is greatly appreciated.


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