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    Tom Holland

    How do I configure the system so that Users can only select/apply either Email Templates that belong to the System (that I create as an admin) or ones that they have created themselves but not other users?

    I have a Role “Agents”. I want any Agent to be able to use the default Template(s) that I have set up as well as Templates that they have created, but not Templates created by other Users.

    I have set the Agent Role for Template “View, Create, Edit, Delete” to “User”. In the Templates datagrid, only templates that the user has created are visible to them, not system or other user’s templates.

    However, in the Template Select element in the Email Composition modal, all users have access to all Templates. Is this a bug or have I missed a config option somewhere?

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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Tom,

    Looks like a bug to me. The selector should contain only the templates visible to the user based on their ACL permission. Thanks for pointing that out, we will schedule a fix ASAP.

    On your first question: what is the business unit setup for your Agents and the administrator user who sets up the default templates? If they all belong to the same business unit, then I’m afraid there will be no way to hide Agents’ own templates from other Agents. However, it will be possible if you:

    • Set Agent role View permissions to Business unit (everything else shall remain at User)
    • Create a number of business units and assign every Agent to their own BU
    • Create a special Administrator BU, assign your admin user there and and assign every Agent there

    The goal is to give every Agent access to precisely two BUs: “admin’s” and their own. Thus they will be able to see (but not edit) templates owned by Admin and have full access to their own templates—but they won’t see other Agents’ templates.

    If you need to share templates between a team of Agents, simply assign the entire team to the same BU.


    Tom Holland

    Thanks for explaining this Artem, that clears things up!

    I haven’t implemented this yet, but it looks like it will work just fine.

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