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    I need to create 10 or more entities. For each entity, I need to add 20 to 30 enums.

    What’s the best way to create the enums ? A database table for all or for each ? Or can i store them just in classes, and not in the database ?

    I still want to be able to use the enums in grids, filters and reports.

    Anyone can help ?

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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya


    I have tried create provider which contains list of enum objects in array of provider class, form shows enums fine, but when i tried to save entity, doctrine said that my enum object is new and you must persists it. I think because enums is originally saves in database and relation between entities and enums occur through database, it will be hard work to change enum behaviour.



    thanks for your feedback. I still trying to find a solution.
    I don’t need to use the sql enums, just virtual enuns defined with code, but easily available in grids, reports and forms.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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