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Work with System Mailboxes

Getting Access to a System Mailbox

A system mailbox is a centralized box for emails that are not addressed to any specific person within a company, for example, a mailbox for support requests, for business inquiries, or for order support. With a system mailbox, you can automatically convert emails into cases or leads, and set-up auto-response rules with email templates.

System mailbox configuration depends on the access permissions defined for a user. All the users with defined roles and all the specifically defined users will have access to the system mailbox.

Users with access privileges to the system mailbox can view the mailbox by navigating to My User > My Emails in the top right corner and selecting the system mailbox from the grid view selector in the top left corner.

Accessing the system mailbox from the grid view selector

Automated Processing of Emails

Automated processing of emails allows you to choose what actions will be performed with all the emails received in the mailbox. Out of the box, three different actions are available. This functionality can be expanded through customization to match your business’s unique requirements:

  • Do nothing — In this case, no actions will be performed. Emails will be saved in the mailbox and can be accessed by those users with permission to do so.
  • Convert to Lead — Letters will be saved in the mailbox and a new lead record will be created in OroCRM.
  • Convert to Case — A new case record will be created in OroCRM based on the email received.

To enable such functionality, please refer to your administrator. You can find more information on email configuration in the admin guide to email.

Auto-responses to Incoming Emails

The auto-responses allow you to set up automated replies to incoming emails. Using an auto-response is a great way to let your customers know that you have received their message and that someone will be in touch soon.

Refer to your administrator to enable this functionality. More information on auto-responses configuration can be found in the admin guide to email.

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