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    I would like to check with you the feasibility to create a new Order in Magento opening a new screen from OroCRM. If user logged in OROCRM has an admin profile in magento it could be nice to see the “backend” screen so he can create order from backend. Customer/COntact information could be sent by OroCRM to Magento using Magento API.

    What do you think about this? Do you think that this can be helpful? Which are the alternative to create new order from CRM screen right now?

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @luka1111!

    Yes we see it very usefult and OroCRM already has partial support of order creation. This feature requires OroCRM extension installed on magento side, and when integration will be configured and synchronized at least once, you will see “Create order” button on customer page and on carts that have status “open” (“active” in magento term). See screenshot.

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