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Forums OroCRM Please recommend the correct way of overriding an existing workflow

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    I’d like to override the existing opportunity management workflow in my own bundle. What I can find is the following post:

    How to Clone a System Workflow

    Is it possible not to clone and rename the existing workflow but just overriding part of the workflow? I don’t want to recreate opportunity management workflow with a new name and use exclusive_active_groups to disable the original opportunity management workflow.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    There is no way to override workflow, cloning is the recommended way if you want to modify it. You should look at built-in workflows just as an example, every business has it’s own rules and they should not be changed by OroPlatform update.

    Suppose in next release original workflow will be updated, by cloning you can be sure that on an upgrade to new version your workflows will not be changed.

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