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    After installing OroCRM all texts are in english, but polish language is downloaded in app/cache and selected in configuration. After installing and selecting french translation texts changed to french. Than again after changing language to polish – all texts are in english.

    oro/doctrine-extensions 1.0.8 MIT
    oro/platform 1.7.5 MIT
    oro/crm 1.7.6 OSL-3.0

    Additionally – I want to participate in translating Oro, but how can I install current version of crowdin translations, before it gets reviewed and goes official?

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    Hello krzyc
    Translations that are already translated and approved at Crowdin service will be available for download at the Oro app
    For check translations in the app you can use
    or you can use your own installation
    But all new translations become available only after they were approved at Crowdin service.

    About Polish translations are not applied and all string are in English, strings that do not have translations will always be in English, and for now there are 68% translated on Polish, so almost a half are not translated

    If you want you can become a proofreader just wright about it to us using Crowdin in-mail

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