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Identifying Hidden Customer Segments
That Drive Revenue

  • June 28, 2017
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm PST
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What the Webinar is About?

Finding new growth opportunities with existing customers is crucial to the success of any business. This webinar will discuss how online retailers can increase their bottom line by identifying, strategizing, and engaging with hidden customer segments, like the Gifter.

We'll consult with you step-by-step on how your business can identify these segments through mining various data systems and how to get started on your marketing campaign.

Webinar Speakers


Thom O'Leary

President of Fixer Group Consulting

Thom O’Leary of Fixer Group Consulting advises successful online stores to help them double their revenue year over year. He helps successful online stores that are outgrowing their current tools to find the right e-commerce platform to become exceptionally successful.


Alex Goldman

Project Manager and Solutions Engineer at Oro, Inc.

Alex Goldman is a Project Manager and Solutions Engineer at Oro Inc. where he has scoped and implemented dozen of OroCRM and OroCommerce applications. Alex's experience with the OroPlatform, as well as his breadth of business cases, makes him an ideal resource for effective business applications.

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