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B2B eCommerce

What is ADA Compliance and What It Means for B2B eCommerce Businesses

What is ADA and WCAG compliance, why is it important, and what does it mean for B2B eCommerce businesses? In this post, we'll talk about the benefits of compliance, risks of non-compliance, and how Oro can help remain on the right side of the law.

food beverage industry

B2B eCommerce

An eCommerce Platform for the B2B Beverage and Food Industry: Unlocking Growth Opportunities

Learn about the trends in the B2B food and beverage eCommerce industry and how a purpose-built B2B eCommerce platform can help you benefit from these trends.

6 Tips for B2B Brands Looking to Improve Their Customer Experience

B2B eCommerce

6 Tips for B2B Brands Looking to Improve Their Customer Experience

Improving the B2B customer experience is simpler than you may think, but it may still involve some trial and error. Start by implementing these six tips, and your B2B customer experience strategy will exceed your customers’ expectations.

B2B Customer Portal Definition, Benefits, and Examples

B2B eCommerce

B2B Customer Portal: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

Explore B2B customer portal examples and findout how a customer portal makes the buying experience simpler, clearer, and more efficient.


B2B eCommerce

Demo Recap: OroCommerce 5.0 Is Out! Here’s Why Your B2B Customers Will Love It

Watch the OroCommerce 5.0 webinar recording. Discover what’s new in OroCommerce 5.0: the latest features, upgrades, and improvements that make our B2B eCommerce platform better than ever.


B2B eCommerce

February 2022 B2B eCommerce News Roundup: Humanitarian, Supply Chain Issues, War, and Effects on eCommerce

While the first half of February 2022 was mired with supply chain disruptions, raw material shortages, and inflation, the war in Ukraine changed the B2B world in ways never thought possible.

Manufacturers Selling Direct to Consumers

B2B eCommerce

Manufacturers Selling Direct to Consumers: Making the Move to Retail

The business model of manufacturers selling direct to consumers is on the rise. This guide explores the pros, cons, risks, and examples of selling D2C.


B2B eCommerce

10 Buzzwords In Web Tech That You’ll Want To Know for 2022

Here are the top ten concepts that have growing prominence in today’s web tech conversations. Understanding these buzzwords may help you determine whether or not they have a relevant place in your work.


B2B eCommerce

Podcast Recap: Distinguishing Signal from the Noise: B2B eCommerce Trends for 2022 That Matter

It can be difficult to distinguish impactful B2B eCommerce trends from noise. In our premiere episode of B2B Commerce Uncut, we explore what trends you should pay attention to from trends that have no substance behind them.

B2B eCommerce

Our B2B eCommerce blog comprises posts on a wide range of topics any B2B eCommerce market player will find useful. We share only latest industry news, highlight most innovative technologies and proven B2B best practices, and announce high-profile events orchestrating the B2B eCommerce space. Our experts provide actionable marketing advice to help you fuel up your business evolvement. To introduce OroCommerce, the first genuine B2B platform, and educate our customers on its extensive set of features, we offer guided tutorials,functionality overviews, and latest product advancements. Subscribe to our blog to take advantage of the booming eCommerce market.

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