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OroVibe Europe 2022 Recap: Top Takeaways & What You Need to Know

October 13, 2022 | Oro Team

Last week we hosted OroVibe Europe 2022, and it’s been a blast! After years of absence, we wanted to make a splash for our first in-person event since the start of the pandemic – and it was a day to remember! We hosted an incredible lineup of speakers, celebrated our 10th anniversary, and packed the event full of learning, exciting connections, and lots of fun! 

If you missed the event, we’ll go over some of the feature keynote speakers, the exciting breakout sessions, and the Oro Brilliance awards winners. Here are some of the highlights of what OroVibe 2022 had to offer:

OroVibe Kick-off & Opening Remarks

We began OroVibe with a look back at how we got to where we are today and what’s in store for the future. Our CEO and Co-Founder Yoav Kutner, CTO and Co-Founder Dima Soroka, and Executive VP & GM Europe Laurent Desprez delivered some opening remarks to set the stage for our speakers.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

VandB Customer Case: Revolutionizing alcohol retail with Grégory Tocut and Aurelie Bonnevie

orovibe 2022 vandb case

Grégory kicked off the guest keynote with VandB’s digital transformation journey. He started with VanB’s company profile, initial challenges, and what implementing OroCommerce meant for the company. With the help of digital services provider Emakina, VandB utilized an API-centric approach to integrating PIM, eCommerce, ERP, search engine, and POS to future-proof the business. For brands considering OroCommerce, Grégory emphasized, “It’s strong technology with a large set of features, and the CRM integration is huge added value.”

Zetrace: Insights and trends on digital commerce & marketplace with François Duranton

Orovibe 2023 networking room

François, CEO of Zetrace, led a dynamic discussion highlighting B2B eCommerce trends. While it’s hard to measure the size of the B2B eCommerce market relative to B2C, the smaller rise in B2B eCommerce adoption relative to B2C in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic means there’s plenty of room to grow. He also talked about trends in procurement, electronic data exchange (EDI), and marketplaces. “We’ve seen successful examples of marketplaces in B2B”, he stressed. “Many distributors with a B2B eCommerce presence, when opening their sites to 3rd party sellers, have managed to increase their GMV by 20-30%.”

Agro Service 2000 Customer Case with Olivier Bernasson and Adrien Queriaud

agro service 2000 orovibe 2022

Next up, we had an engaging talk with Olivier and Adrien about their digitization project at Agro Service 2000. Post-pandemic, digital is becoming the norm, and customers demand an omnichannel experience. The agriculture industry, however, has long been one of the least digitized. The duo discussed how the project enabled the organization to create meaningful connections with agricultural professionals, suppliers, and farmers. They also touched on the projects’ benefits and challenges. “The goal was to start digital change, and build a truly resilient brand that was ready for the future.”

Azelis Customer Case with Matt Nancekivell and Florent Sabourin

smile orovibe 2022

Matt and Florent discussed the digital transformation journey of Azelis, a global leader in the food additives and formulations industry. As a starting point, they examined the customer experience and journey – understanding the desired outcomes and the pressure points customers faced along the way was a critical component of that. Building lead generation from an eCommerce base was critical, stressed Matt. “It allowed us to educate customers with content and offer a connected ‘digital lab’ self-serve experience that matched the physical lab experience.”

ADDEV Materials: Addressing the international challenge with Oliver Fiquet

orovibe 2022 hashtag

How do you organize multiple website experiences and personalize them to different international markets and audiences? Most importantly, can mid-market brands with limited resources pull it off? There will be challenges along the way, Oliver admits. “The answer to this question of balancing resources to deliver the ideal experience lies in experimentation to see what works for your organizational structure, business model, and digital commerce journey”. The bottom line is, digital transformation will demand leadership and collective responsibility to overcome challenges along the way.

Tailored Breakout Sessions

orovibe 2022 breakout session

The breakout sessions were divided into three tracks, and we at Oro had something for everyone. The Executive track was designed for leadership and management, focusing on addressing the current supply chain and economic challenges, as well as leading change in organizations. The eCommerce track examined ways of making the most of digital sales channels, while the Project track explored the capabilities of Oro tools and customization potential to reach desired business goals.

2022 Oro Brilliance Award Winners

oro brilliance awards 2022

For the second annual Oro Brilliance Awards, we continue celebrating our partners and their accomplishments. Congratulations to the following award winners this year:

🏆 Smile wins the Innovation award

The Innovation award recognizes partners that oversaw particularly challenging implementations. We commend their creativity and problem-solving to deliver on some of the most challenging customer requirements.

🏆 Generate UK wins the Momentum award

We grant the Momentum award to partners showing exemplary growth in opportunity, customer engagement, and relationship building. We recognize the growth trajectory within their networks and their contribution to the ecosystem.

🏆 Synolia and Unit M win the Customer Satisfaction award

The Customer Satisfaction award honors partners demonstrating leadership and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are inspired by their ability to delight customers and build and grow customer relationships.

🏆 PHPro wins the Spirit award

We award the Spirit award to partners that significantly contribute to spreading the word about our company and products. They increase our brand awareness and lead adoption in their respective markets and geographies.

🏆 Antadis wins the Trailblazer award

The Trailblazer award is given to relative newcomers that quickly move up the ranks in their business areas and regions. They have demonstrated their ability to rapidly boost Oro’s presence in their markets.

Oro’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

orovibe 2022 team

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention just how much fun Oro’s 10th-anniversary party was at the end of this eventful day. We indulged ourselves in the great company of friends and colleagues with a cocktail party until the conclusion of the event.

Until Next Year!

And with a blink, OroVibe 2022 has come and gone! All these talks, sessions, and networking opportunities offered us the wisdom, knowledge, and connections we never had going into the event. We’d like to thank everyone who attended OroVibe 2022, including all our team members and partners who helped make it possible. A special thanks goes out to our event sponsors Smile, Synolia, Agence Dn’D, Antadis, Emakina, Payplug, DieProduktMacher, Madia & Marello, PHPro, and Vurbis Interactive. We couldn’t have done it without every single one of you! 

So what’s next? We’re officially starting our countdown until we see you at an even bigger and better OroVibe Europe 2023!

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