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OroVibe 2022 Is Here and You Can’t Miss It!

June 30, 2022 | Oro Team

After a long absence, we’re thrilled to announce that OroVibe is back! OroVibe 2022 will take place at Verso in Paris on Thursday, October 6, 2022. 

When we initially started OroVibe, we wanted to celebrate our fast-growing community and welcome more like-minded people interested in our solutions and ecosystem. Over time they grew to include our valued customers, our trusted partners, and friends across industries. 

As we celebrate Oro’s 10th anniversary, these relationships are more important than ever. That’s why OroVibe is expanding to the US next year to bring together our partners, customers, eCommerce leaders, innovators, and forward-thinking businesses.

With a wide range of B2B experts under one roof, OroVibe is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with Oro’s direction and product roadmap, learn how business peers solve real-world challenges and engage with industry experts during our new insightful break-out sessions.

Are you ready for OroVibe 2022?

Catch the Vibe and Save the Date!

Three years in the making, OroVibe 2022 brings old friends and new people together for a showcase of expertise, leadership, and memorable connections. It’s a place where those interested in B2B eCommerce connect to get inspired, build relationships, and learn from peers in the community about what’s necessary for success in 2022 and beyond.

We have an amazing agenda in store for you:

  • Discover what’s new (and improved) at Oro and the Oro Ecosystem
  • Celebrate Oro’s 10-Year Anniversary and 2022 Oro Brilliance Awards
  • Get insights into the latest trends shaping B2B eCommerce
  • See what’s possible with technology and solution partners
  • Find out how businesses solve digital commerce challenges
  • Gain new knowledge and ideas during our break-out sessions
  • Network with thought-leaders and fellow market players
  • Catch the Vibe and have fun 🎉

After all, there’s nothing like being in a room full of energetic people unlocking their potential, and transforming businesses, while having fun along the way.

Join us as we celebrate 10 years of the Ecosystem where B2B businesses thrive!

OroVibe is expanding to North America

As much as we love spending time in Europe, it’s about time we celebrated the Oro ecosystem in North America. So for the first half of 2023, we’ll be planning our first-ever United States OroVibe. The event will honor our ecosystem, customers, partners, and the B2B eCommerce scene on the North American continent. 

We promise to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind event where you can get close and personal with the Oro ecosystem, connect with professionals in the industry, and be on the leading edge of business transformation.

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