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Product News & Updates

The OroPlatform Distribution Model

The Oro Platform and OroCRM packages distribution model based on Symfony bundles and symfony-standard application

Product News & Updates

OroCRM Navigation: Using the Pinbar

The OroCRM Pinbar is a productivity tool that allows users to multi-task, keeping items they are working on open across different browsers and sessions.

Product News & Updates

Key OroCRM Features on the Horizon

Customer Segmentation, Magento Order Completion, and Improved Workflows are just a few of the key OroCRM features on the horizon.

Product News & Updates

Video Overview of the OroCRM Dashboard

OroCRM's Dashboard gives you a full view of your most relevant data, how you want to see it.

Product News & Updates

Release Candidate 2 adds Embedded Forms

Create custom forms for third-party websites and record valuable customer data directly to OroCRM through Embedded Forms.

Product News & Updates

OroCRM Version 1.0.0 – Release Candidate 2 is Now Available

OroCRM RC2 and Oro Platform RC3 are now available. With this release we are one step closer to our first stable release of our application.

Product News & Updates

The Magento CRM Process: How to Integrate Magento with OroCRM

With OroCRM Bridge, you can fully integrate Magento data and functionality with OroCRM. Find out how here.

Product News & Updates

Infographic of OroCRM Progress

Infographic showing OroCRM's progress to date.

Product News & Updates

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