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B2B eCommerce

New Guide: MVP Approach to B2B eCommerce

February 16, 2021 | Oro Team

For many B2B businesses, the eCommerce world is uncharted territory. Brands in manufacturing and distribution have traditionally been in the offline world, and to them, digital solutions can seem unfamiliar, costly, and time-consuming.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is nothing new. It’s a product with a minimum number of features yet maximum usability, allowing brands to collect feedback and apply it to future product iterations. For those considering B2B eCommerce, the MVP approach reduces risk, saves time on development, and gets them into the market faster.

MVP and B2B eCommerce Go Hand-in-hand

Businesses cannot afford to ignore digital commerce. They must embrace digital if they want to connect with their online user base, meet rising customer expectations, or streamline operations. However, to properly gauge this selling channel’s effectiveness and eliminate surprises, it’s best to perform some real-world testing.

An MVP approach in evaluating B2B eCommerce’s viability at your organization necessary to adequately address user feedback, minimize disappointment, and make the right decisions. 

This guide helps you determine how to prepare for an MVP and what to include in your MVP. You’ll also learn why a flexible architecture and platform are instrumental for rapid pivots. Lastly, we’ll explore some examples of successful MVPs and how they helped their businesses.

Here is what you can expect to find in this guide:

  • What is an MVP approach?
  • How does an MVP benefit B2B eCommerce?
  • The MVP process in B2B commerce from start to finish
  • Organizational challenges to MVP adoption
  • How to identify what features to include in your MVP?
  • Elements central to B2B eCommerce MVP
  • How to choose an MVP-friendly platform?
  • B2B eCommerce MVP examples

Who Should Read This Guide?

This guide will help everyone in the organization understand the MVP process to better plan and execute their foray into digital commerce. C-suite, IT directors, and managers will all find this guide useful.

It’s a must-read for:

  • Digital Channel Directors
  • Business and Product Owners
  • IT Executives and Managers
  • Marketing Directors and CMOs

Minimize Risk, Investment, and Get To Market Faster

Digital leaders are often unsure about making investments in digital sales channels – and for good reason. The MVP approach removes these uncertainties and bridges the gap between your business and technology, helping you deliver value to your customers, employees, and stakeholders.

It may be difficult to take the first step, but we’ve made it a whole lot easier.

Download the free MVP Approach to B2B eCommerce: A Comprehensive Guide here.

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