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gartner magic quadrant 2020

Oro in the News

OroCommerce Named Niche Player in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

The 2020 Gartner Digital Magic Quadrant report is an authority in digital commerce vendor market evaluation. This year, OroCommerce is proud to earn a spot among the eCommerce industry's leaders.


Oro in the News

Comparing EDI and B2B eCommerce

Manufacturers and wholesalers that need to digitize their sales process can be confused by the options. Today, we compare the EDI and B2B eCommerce systems.


Oro in the News

Podcast Recap: Why Manufactures Must Go Digital to Capture the Modern Market

Sellers are quickly moving to online channels, but manufacturers are finding it hard to follow suit. In this podcast from WAM (Women And Manufacturing), Frances Brunelle and Anna Korolekh, Marketing Director of Oro, Inc discuss how B2B eCommerce and CRM tools can help.


Oro in the News

Podcast Recap: Emerging Opportunities In DTC Manufacturing eCommerce

The DTC or direct-to-consumer market is offering manufacturers more opportunities to grow sales and improve customer satisfaction. Learn how manufacturing businseses can innovate with B2B eCommerce.


Oro in the News

How Manufacturers Can Leverage Online Selling

Manufacturers and other B2Bs have been thrust into disarray due to COVID-19. However, digital sales channels, namely B2B eCommerce, represent a unique opportunity to capture sales lost at physical locations.


Oro in the News

The Importance of a Workflow Automation Engine in Your Digital Transformation

Workflow automation is a crucial component to your eCommerce strategy. As customer expectations and business requirements change, workflow automation technology keeps your business ahead of the curve.


Oro in the News

Podcast Recap: How Yoav Kutner, CEO of Oro, Inc., Innovates in the B2B-Focused Application Market

In this podcast with ModernCTO, Yoav Kutner, founder and CEO at Oro, Inc., discusses how building Magento and empowering teams helped him create one of the biggest names in the B2B application market.


Oro in the News

How B2B eCommerce Helps Build a Remote Work Culture and Ensure Business Continuity

The idea of remote work isn't a new one, but it's certainly novel to manufacturers, distributors, and other B2Bs. Thomas R. Cutler and Motti Danino talk about how manufacturers can adapt their workplaces to the new landscape.

webinar recap digital commerce crisis

Oro in the News

Webinar Recap: How Digital Commerce Protects Businesses During Crisis

Discover how B2B eCommerce, supply chain and fulfillment optimization can help businesses survive during COVID-19. Check out the webinar highlights and watch the recording for free!

Oro in the News

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