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B2B eCommerce Platforms Advances Food Distribution and Logistics

Find out why now is the time for B2B food logistics and distribution companies to go online and streamline their supply chains with eCommerce.

worflow automation b2b ecommerce

Oro in the News

Essentials of Workflow Automation for Manufacturers in B2B eCommerce

B2C eCommerce has much in common with B2B eCommerce, but workflow automation is a uniquely B2B quality. Here's what manufacturers need to know about workflow automation and how they maximize efficiency across complex B2B processes.


Oro in the News

Change Management Through Digital Transformation and the Role of B2B eCommerce

In this episode of Industrial Talk Podcast, host Scott MacKenzie speaks with Yoav Kutner, CEO and Co-Founder of Oro Inc, about change management through digital transformation transformation and the role of B2B eCommerce as part of a comprehensive selling strategy.

efficient manufacturing optimization

Oro in the News

Efficient Manufacturing Optimization in B2B eCommerce

As the shift to selling direct to customers grows, manufacturers are now focusing on Optimized Manufacturing Effectiveness (OME) which focuses on how to bring manufactured products directly to the B2B customer. 

b2b ecommerce and security

Oro in the News

Tips for a Secure B2B eCommerce Storefront in 2021

Technology adoption has skyrocketed with the increased demand in 2020 to work from home and to sell online. Digital attacks can target both customer data and company data- and companies who leave themselves vulnerable to attack can suffer severe financial damage and reputation loss.

thomas fleck joins oro

Oro in the News

Thomas Fleck, New VP Sales DACH to Help Grow Oro’s European Presence

To address the increased demand for B2B eCommerce and grow its presence in Europe, Oro, Inc brings on Thomas Fleck as its new DACH Region Director. In this short interview, Thomas shares his plans for the future and OroCommerce's place in it.


Oro in the News

Podcast Recap: Identifying Buyer Needs in a B2B eCommerce Platform

In this podcast episode, host Dirk Dusharme, Editor in Chief at Quality Digest, interviews Yoav Kutner, Founder and CEO of Oro Inc, about how to deliver the best eCommerce experience for B2B buyers.

ecommerce mvp

Oro in the News

Why You Need a Minimum Viable Product Approach to B2B eCommerce

Find out how the MVP (minimal viable product) approach to your B2B eCommerce project minimizes risk, and saves you time and resources.


Oro in the News

Webinar Recap: eCommerce Solutions Built for Logistic and Manufacturing Companies

As technology and customer demand progresses, the difference between B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms is becoming overwhelmingly clear. Choosing the best platform for your business needs depends on your industry, customer base, and future goals.

Oro in the News

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