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Celebrating 10 Years of Oro and Partner Ecosystem with Synolia

September 28, 2022 | Oro Team

As we mark 10 years of Oro, we celebrate the people behind the company who, over the last decade, got us to where we are today. To show our appreciation for our ecosystem, we continue highlighting our partners and friends through a series of video interviews.

What is the Oro Ecosystem?

Our ecosystem consists of innovators and leaders in the B2B eCommerce space. It’s a community of Oro’s business partners, solution integrators, developers, and customers. Many have been with us from the beginning, collaborating and contributing to the B2B community at large. Synolia is among those who have been with us for the longest. 

Partner Spotlight: Synolia

Synolia is a France, Canada, and Chile-based digital service agency. The company’s mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to reach their goals without being constrained by technology. Since 2004, Synolia’s global network of industry-recognized experts and technical professionals have led numerous transformative projects for some of the world’s largest companies.

Here’s what some of Synolia’s team members had to say about what Oro means to them and what it’s been like working together.

Why does the Oro partnership work so well? I think it’s not only a question of product, but a question of people. Oro has a great team all over the world.
Pascal Brunel, eCommerce Director and Co-Founder, Synolia

“We’ve been working with Oro since day one. They crave for feedback” says Alexandre Perrachon, Synolia’s Director in Santiago de Chile. And best of all, he continues, this feedback translates to their product roadmap and product releases. As a result, the product evolves quickly and in the best direction possible.

When asked about working with Oro, Perrachon affirms that the partnership has changed how they do business. “It’s rare to have such good communication with a software provider.”

“From the beginning, they chose to focus 100% on the B2B market”, said Clement Brassard, Synolia’s Consultant and eCommerce Project Manager. “It results in a solution that natively covers most of the features that B2B merchants need.”

In addition to sharing the customer-first approach, both Synolia and Oro understand the specifics of the B2B market. This shared approach helps them shape a unified vision, translating into cutting-edge solutions for their B2B clients. Thse include BME France, BBA Emballages, France Air, Trigano, and Agro-Service 2000. 

Last year, Synolia was recognized with Oro’s Momentum Award during the inaugural Oro Brilliance Awards. The receipt of the award signifies Synolia’s commitment to engaging customers during their journeys, enabling them to reach their goals, and building strong customer relationships throughout the partnership.

Synolia’s Contribution to the Oro Ecosystem

Oro’s ecosystem is a collection of over 50 market leaders and industry experts spanning across the world. Synolia’s contribution in driving awareness and business adoption of Oro’s products and services are testament to their understanding of B2B customer needs and expertise in this challenging space.

“Our goal is to delight customers by going above and beyond their needs with the power of technology. We’re grateful and fortunate for partners like Synolia, who demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, said Yoav Kutner, Oro’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Their customer focus proved instrumental in our capacity to create solutions that empower B2B businesses worldwide.”

What’s more, Synolia understands that great solutions are only possible when passionate individuals come together. They share our values of transparency, openness, and humility. Here’s to another decade of successful projects and exceeding customer expectations!

Stay Tuned for More!

Over the year, we’re featuring more people and faces behind Oro. We’re giving everyone a chance to share what Oro means to them and what it’s like to be part of the ecosystem. 

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