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webinar recap digital commerce crisis

B2B eCommerce

Webinar Recap: How Digital Commerce Protects Businesses During Crisis

Discover how B2B eCommerce, supply chain and fulfillment optimization can help businesses survive during COVID-19. Check out the webinar highlights and watch the recording for free!

impact coronavirus business

B2B eCommerce

B2B Commerce and Coronavirus: Business Impact and Long-Term Trends

Only now we're beginning to understand the long-term impact of coronavirus on business and eCommerce. Here's what industries are ripe for disruption and how businesses like yours are preparing.

eCommerce march 2020 roundup

B2B eCommerce

March 2020 B2B eCommerce News Roundup: COVID-19, Industry Updates, Case Studies & More

Introducing our monthly B2B eCommerce news roundup! March 2020 brings a collection of stories, trends, updates on coronavirus, industry developments & more.

crm types

B2B eCommerce

A Brief on Three Types of CRM: Operational, Analytical, Collaborative

There are three major types of CRM (customer relationship management systems). We explain what they are, and which one is right for you.

webinar eCommerce in crisis

B2B eCommerce

[Webinar] How Digital Commerce Protects Your Business in Times of Crisis

You don't want to miss this one! Mark your calanders for our free webinar on April 16 to discover ways you can leverage digital commerce to sell more in times of crisis.

quote to cash ecommerce

B2B eCommerce

Quote-to-Cash or B2B eCommerce? Which Tool Should You Use?

Every B2B sales process is different. Find out the difference between order to cash vs quote to cash software and help you choose the right solution.

Digital Transformation Manufacturing Case Studies

B2B eCommerce

4 Prominent Digital Transformation Examples in Manufacturing

Explore these prominent digital transformation examples and case studies in the manufacturing industry that will help you drive change at your company.

eCommerce replatforming

B2B eCommerce

New Whitepaper: B2B eCommerce Replatforming

This whitepaper is an in-depth guide to B2B replatforming to help your company grow and thrive in the new net terms economy.


B2B eCommerce

A Modern ERP for Manufacturing: The Must Have Technology for 2020

You want to select the best ERP for manufacturing, but you also need the best product to support your digital transformation. Learn how on today's post.

B2B eCommerce

Our B2B eCommerce blog comprises posts on a wide range of topics any B2B eCommerce market player will find useful. We share only latest industry news, highlight most innovative technologies and proven B2B best practices, and announce high-profile events orchestrating the B2B eCommerce space. Our experts provide actionable marketing advice to help you fuel up your business evolvement. To introduce OroCommerce, the first genuine B2B platform, and educate our customers on its extensive set of features, we offer guided tutorials,functionality overviews, and latest product advancements. Subscribe to our blog to take advantage of the booming eCommerce market.

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