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Sales & Marketing

Top 3 OroCRM Dashboard Widgets Sales Executives Benefit From

With this blog, we’re going to recap OroCRM dashboard widgets & run through the top 3 widgets that sales executives and business owners will find useful.


Sales & Marketing

Frankfurt Airport Uses OroPlatform to Revolutionize the Travel Experience

The Frankfurt Airport sees over 60 million people a year pass through its gates. Click to find out how Oro helped them digitize.

Sales & Marketing

Must-Attend Marketing & Sales Events in Q1 and Q2 of 2017

Check out our hand-picked list of all the must-attend sales and marketing events of 2017!


Sales & Marketing

Large European Car Maker Redefines Efficient Automotive CRM with OroCRM – Pt. 3

Let’s go a little deeper and explore how OroCRM applied access and permissions management in order to keep all the data in perfect order.


Sales & Marketing

Large European Car Maker Redefines Efficient CRM with OroCRM – Pt. 2

OroCRM comes with five basic tools to manage customers and drive loyalty. Here is how we used them to address our client’s needs.


Sales & Marketing

Large European Car Maker Redefines Efficient CRM with OroCRM – Pt. 1

A major European car manufacturer had the challenge of creating a CRM solution that would address the specific needs of their eCommerce business.


Sales & Marketing

4 Ways You Can Improve Customer Experience

more and more companies are prioritizing the quality of their customer experience.Her are four best practices that can help your business improve CX.

Sales & Marketing

How To Use Accounts, Contacts, and Customers to Get a 360-degree View

Learn the specifics of how businesses can configure and leverage entities like Accounts, Contacts, and Customers to get a full view of your customer.

Sales & Marketing

5 Ways to Ensure CRM Adoption

Adopting a CRM within your company is more about changing business process than changing technology. We've listed our top five CRM adoption best practices.

Sales & Marketing

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