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Want to streamline CRM adoption? Ask for CRM UX workshops

With the UX workshops, you can streamline the CRM tool adoption among your workforce and engage your employess from the very beginning.

Sales & Marketing

Why Should the User be the Basis for Your Project?

Considering your product end consumers while developing a CRM system is vital. Learn how to make the final users the basis for your project.

Sales & Marketing

OroCRM – Value-Driven CRM

In this post we highlight a few areas we think businesses that are going through the CRM evaluation process should think about.


Sales & Marketing

Leveraging Social Media for Marketing

Social media is a very powerful tool when used properly and maintaining a presence on social media platforms can significantly impact revenue for businesses


Sales & Marketing

The Benefits B2B and B2C Online Businesses can Gain with an eCommerce CRM

Do you have the tools to not only collect your online customer data, but analyze it to? See why having an eCommerce CRM system is now essential.

Sales & Marketing

4 Ways CRM Helps Improve Customer Service

Nowadays, consumers demand very high customer service, so customer service teams can leverage CRM to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Sales & Marketing

Why Choose an Open-Source Business Application

Curious about open-source products? Here are four reasons why you need to consider using them for your business.

Sales & Marketing

How to Increase your Chances of Getting Introduced through Email

Using email to be introduced to someone who can help you with your business goals can be incredibly difficult to get right. Try some of our tips here!

Sales & Marketing

Merchants, Deliver an Outstanding Experience to your Customers

Last week, we partnered with Synolia to bring you our webinar, ?Merchants: deliver an outstanding experience to your customers with OroCRM?. Watch it now!

Sales & Marketing

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