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Sales & Marketing

Chatbots for Customer Service 101

New technologies, such as chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled communication make around-the-clock customer service a reality. It’s just another way digital commerce is evolving to give the customer what they want.


Sales & Marketing

Getting Ready for GDPR? OroCRM’s Guide Will Help

Download the new free Guide to Getting Ready for GDPR with OroCRM. You’ll get actionable tips on meeting GDPR requirements for businesses that use OroCRM. You’ll also get the information you need to successfully maintain GDPR compliance.

net promoter score

Sales & Marketing

What’s a Net Promoter Score and Why Your B2B Company Should Be Tracking It

Is there an easy way to unlock key insights into customer loyalty and make customers stay with your brand? There is- it’s called the Net Promoter Score.


Sales & Marketing

[Infographic] Why Your Business Needs a CRM

No two businesses are alike, but there's a universal truth that unites them all regardless of B2B, B2C, product or service-focused companies. The quality of relationships with their customers defines the company's success. CRM helps organizations better understand and service their clients.


Sales & Marketing

Oro’s Favorite Top 7 Most Heart-Warming Holiday Marketing Campaigns from the 2017 Season

Marketing during the year’s winter holidays presents a unique opportunity for advertisers. Luckily, brands and their creative marketing teams do not limit themselves to flash sales and hype discounts for this magical season.


Sales & Marketing

Effective Lead Management through Careful Planning and Discipline

Lead management is a sales process through which marketers identifies, qualifies, nurtures and passes off sales-ready leads to the sales team.

crm adoption

Sales & Marketing

Breaking Down Barriers to CRM Success: Onboarding Sales Staff

From what we see, employee readiness to use technology is just as critical to CRM project success as the technology itself. So, what triggers poor adoption?

sales methodology

Sales & Marketing

Which Sales Methodology is Right for You? An Overview of Top 5 B2B Sales Methodologies

 A sales methodology is the philosophy that drives how you execute steps throughout the sales cycle. Here’s a brief overview of 5 sales methodologies.


Sales & Marketing

5 Great Examples of Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

Here are 5 examples of how some retailers are successfully integrating online and offline marketing strategies for a seamless buyer experience.

Sales & Marketing

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