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Sales Enablement in
Digital Commerce


Customers are increasingly looking for B2B experiences that match their B2C expectations in personal lives. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated these trends.

Organizations, too, must adopt new strategies to keep up. Sales enablement is one such strategy.

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    Our Speakers:

    In Oro’s latest webinar, guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst and authority on eCommerce Joe Cicman will be joined by Yoav Kutner, Co-Founder and CEO of Oro, Inc. They will discuss how changing buyer demands force organizations to adopt new selling strategies and technologies.

    Here are some of the areas we’ll cover in the webinar:


    Post-pandemic B2B buyer trends

    According to the 2020 Forrester report Winning The New B2B Buyer, pre-pandemic self-service sales accounted for over 18% of all B2B sales. As the pandemic disrupted supply chains and put a lock on physical businesses, digital sales got even more attention. We’ll explain why businesses need to rethink their sales environments even with increased pressure to meet sales targets.


    The rise of self-service commerce

    A self-service experience that doesn’t address the buyer’s needs will only lead to confusion and uncertainty. Today’s buyers prefer to do their own research and don’t need to rely on salespeople to make a purchase decision. We’ll talk about how businesses can leverage this powerful selling channel.


    The new role of sales staff

    Buyers look for sellers to address their unique pain points and goals. After buyers self-educate themselves, sellers can act as advisors to fill in the gaps with the right content at the right time. We’ll discuss in more detail how tweaking your sales roles can benefit your business.


    Omnichannel sales enablement

    To keep up with the changing market, B2B brands require technology solutions that help them sell more effectively and help customers make informed decisions. We’ll touch upon the role of B2B eCommerce platforms in future-proofing B2B businesses, assisting sales teams, and crafting great customer experiences.

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