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Extensions and Package Manager


Extensions are additional modules that can be added to an OroCRM instance to enable new functionalities, integrations, capabilities, etc.

All the OroCRM extensions are available in the OroCRM Marketplace

Click the link with the extension name, to see its detailed description.

Below the short overview, there is always a package name, that you need to add this extension to your OroCRM instance.

Lower, you can see detailed description, release notes, reviews, as well as information about previous versions (if any).

Add an Extension to the Package

In order to add an extension, navigate System>Package Manager.

You will see the Installed Packages page.

You can see details of all the packages currently available in the system. If a newer version of the extension is available, the Update link will be available in the LATEST VERSION column.

In order to add a new extension:

  • Enter the package name in the Package Name field in the top left part of the page, and click the Install button.

  • Confirm the package installation. Uncheck the “Load demo data” box, if you don’t need demo data. Click Continue.

When installation is over, the package will be added to the Installed Packages list. Relevant processes and entities will be added to the system and the functionality can be used.

Browse maintained versions: